We are committed to producing Safe Quality Food.


CertificacionesWe maintain a comprehensive Food Safety Program that includes SQF level 2000 certifications in our Abilene site as well as certifications obtained from the American Institute of Baking (AIB). The SQF (Safe Quality Food) program is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and links primary production certification to food manufacturing distributions and agent/broker management certification. These programs include maintaining certified HACCP plans and complete allergen control programs. The allergen control program allows us to protect the consumer from possible exposure to ingredients that have been identified by the

We ensure having Quality Control technicians on the production floor anytime a product is being produced. Their job is to ensure the highest quality product by utilizing process control and intense quality control checks. Strict monitoring of cookie moisture content is performed to produce a cookie that will retain its original freshness for the entire shelf life.

At Fehr Foods our ingredients are controlled under strict FIFO (First in First Out) guidelines to maintain freshness and to help extend the shelf life of our finished products. Many of our ingredients are stored under temperature control to ensure the highest quality consistency. Each package of products is individually coded to ensure freshness.

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